CEDER Journal

The CEDER Journal is a peer-reviewed collection of educational research published by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi's College of Education and Human Development. It is indexed in Books in Print, EBSCO's Education Research Complete, and EBSCO's Education Source databases. It is also maintained digitally in the TAMU-CC Bell Library repository, with physical archives in the Bell Library special collections. 

CEDER digital archives are available in full text here.

CEDER cover 2021

Latest release: CEDER 2023

Las Voces Nuevas: Emerging Scholarship on Latinas in Leadership


Edited by:
Gerri Maxwell
Denise Lara
Chris Benedetti
D. Scott Elliff
Vedika Salunke
Bibek Luitel
Associate Editor Alissa Mejia 


CEDER Yearbook Archives

  • Empowering Student Researchers: Critical Contributions by Emerging 21st Century Scholars (2021)
    Edited by Bethanie Pletcher, Faye Bruun, Rosa Banda, Krystal Watson, and Angela S. Perez
    Associate Editor Alissa Mejia
  • Crossing Borders/Crossing Boundaries (2019)
    Edited by Lynn Hemmer, Phyllis Robertson, and Jana Sanders
    Associate Editor Alissa Mejia
  • Education: Issues & Answers (2015)
    Edited by Sherrye Dee Garrett and Kathleen Fleming
    Assistant Editor Alissa Mejia
  • Preparing Effective Leaders for Tomorrow's Schools (2013)
    Edited by Norma Zunker
    Assistant Editors Alissa Mejia and Lucinda Sohn
  • Educational Research & Innovations (2012)
    Edited by Evan Ortlieb and Randall Bowden
    Assistant Editor Alissa Inman
  • Literacy Coaching: Research and Practice (2009)
    Edited by Jack Cassidy, Sherrye Dee Garrett, and Misty Sailors
    Assistant Editors Alissa Inman and Paul Maxfield
  • Education for a Changing World (2008)
    Edited by Jack Cassidy, Adam Martinez, and Catherine Swift
  • Supporting Student Success (2007)
    Edited by Jack Cassidy, Stephanie Grote-Garcia, and Paul Maxfield
  • No Student Left Behind (2005)
    Edited by Bryant Griffith, Sydna Arnold, and Roberto Garcia
  • Developing Vocabulary in Children (2003)
    Edited by Jack Cassidy and Catherine Swift
  • Early Childhood Literacy (2001)
    Edited by Jack Cassidy and Sherrye D. Garrett