Management and Marketing

The Department of Management and Marketing supports the mission of the College of Business and the University by focusing on the higher educational needs of business students in the region. The Management and Marketing Department is committed to helping students to acquire knowledge and clarify career expectations and obligations.  Students are challenged to develop effective communication, analytical, and decision-making skills that create ethical value and enhance the productivity for organizations.  The Department offers two specific business administration majors. Students may choose to major in either Management or Marketing.  The Marketing major prepares students for career opportunities in brand or product sales, advertising, public relations, applied marketing research, or international marketing. The Management major prepares students for careers in general management and human resource management positions in business, government, and non-profit organizations.

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General Business

The General Business program of study provides a broad-based business background for those persons who are interested in a business career but do not wish to specialize in a specific functional area. Study in the various business disciplines provides a broader competency base for those who may want to work in or to manage small businesses or selected not-for-profit organizations. This major provides a background for entry-level work in a broad range of businesses.


The Management major is designed to provide entry-level knowledge, skills, and concepts for general management, human resource management, and health care positions. Management majors take a common core of management courses. These courses provide a basic understanding of the nature of organizations, effective acquisition and utilization of human and physical resources, and the skills required to carry out the managerial functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Students who are interested in broadening their understanding of these basic concepts may choose a general management emphasis. Those who want a more specific focus may choose an emphasis in human resource management (HRM) or health care management (HCM). An emphasis in HRM provides the student a concentration of courses focusing on human resource concepts such as staffing, labor relations, human resource problems and human resource law. The emphasis in HCM gives students the option of completing their major with courses in health care issues, health care systems, and marketing and budgeting principles for health science practitioners.


The Marketing curriculum is designed to help students prepare for careers in fields such as retailing, distribution, marketing research, advertising, and personal selling. The program provides knowledge and competencies that facilitate acquiring and succeeding in entry-level positions and moving into marketing management positions or business ownership. Emphasis is on development of analytical skills adequate for and appropriate to professional marketing activities in a highly competitive global market place. Marketing courses stress problem solving and decision making and the development and implementation of competitive policies and strategies.


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Human Resources Management
International Business
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