College Connection Program (with Del Mar College)

The College Connection Program (CCP) is a collaborative partnership between Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Del Mar College.  The CCP program provides a guarantee of full admission to TAMU-CC for students successfully completing the program requirements at Del Mar College.  In addition, the program will allow students to use appropriate TAMU-CC course credits toward the completion of an associate degree at Del Mar College.

Participating students enroll at Del Mar College. Students who complete 24 transferable hours and maintain a 2.0 GPA are eligible to successfully transfer to TAMU-CC.

CCP students benefit from enrollment at Del Mar College; students enjoy the university experience afforded by A&M-Corpus Christi (such as sports events, and a range of student services and activities), while enjoying the smaller classroom environments and costs of Del Mar College. Academic advisors, faculty, and staff at Del Mar College will facilitate CCP student success.