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Apply to FISA

Enrollment for the current semester has ended. Please check the website for when applications open back up for the next semester.

Schedule a Meeting


Schedule a meeting with one of your tier appropriate mentors ahead of time! You are also welcome to walk into the lounge in GSSC 108 without an appointment.

Care Closet Request Form


Request materials from our Care Closet! We are able to provide both school supplies and hygiene supplies as well!

Outside Credit Form


Submit outside meetings, community service, or supplemental event credit! This is required for any events that are not hosted by FISA directly.

Student Spotlight (First-Gen Friday!)

Be featured on our social media pages for First-Gen Friday!

FISA I-Engage Page

Look at all our events happening throughout the semester! We’ll post all our social events, community service events, and supplemental events.


Find community service opportunities outside of those events hosted by FISA.

GroupMe Tier 1 and 2

If you are part of Tier 1 or 2, join our GroupMe to get updates about our events and about community service opportunities.

GroupMe Tier 3

If you are part of Tier 3, join our GroupMe to get updates about our social events and supplemental event opportunities.

What Tier Am I In?

Not sure what tier you’re in? Use this form to find out!


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Follow us on Facebook and see updates about what we’ve been up to!


Still not finding what you need? Please email us at and we’ll be happy to help!