Honors Curriculum Suggested Course Sequence

Honors Curriculum Suggested Course Sequence 

The Honors Program is a 17-credit hour curriculum. Students will take 5, one-credit hour required Honors Seminars. In their second semester, they engage in a 3-credit hour service-learning practicum. For the remaining hours, they will select nine hours of Honors Elective courses. Honors electives can be an applied experience with service, leadership, undergraduate research or creative activity, or internships. We also offer course-based electives in various subjects each semester. Students are advised to take electives that fulfill personal or professional goals. Below is a suggested course sequence for students in a 4-year graduation plan. Students should plan to take one Honors course a semester, alternating between a 1-credit course and a 3-credit hours course. For students not able to take summer classes, there one semester that students will need to take 4 hours of Honors courses. There is flexibility to complete the curriculum in a shorter time, but students typically need at least three years. We are able to work with transfer students on a case-by-case basis to complete the curriculum. 

The curriculum prepares students to complete an honors thesis, known as the Project of Excellence. In addition, the courses satisfy the Honors Program learning outcomes:  

  1. Apply effective communication skills in academic and career contexts to support interdisciplinary collaborations and leadership opportunities.   
  2. Engage in scholarly discourse by identifying, exploring, and developing a creative or scholarly project.   
  3. Collaboratively engage with and learn from diverse communities and cultures to develop the combination of knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to make a difference in the civic life of our communities.    

Freshman Year 

HONR 1102 – Honors Community Leadership Seminar  
Offered in Fall semesters only. 
HONR 1102 is intended to serve as an introduction to the Honors Program, its requirements and the Program’s commitment to service, as well as the Honors Student Association. To prepare students to be campus and community leaders, students learn the organizational structure of the campus and engage in various events, activities, and projects to become familiar with the campus and our surrounding community, it’s traditions and its needs. HONR 1102 provides a framework and guidance for leadership and service. Students will make connections with campus and community leaders to begin charting their paths toward service.  

HONR 1303 – Honors Service-Learning Practicum  
Offered in Spring semesters only. 
The purpose of this community-based course is to explore the notion of social change and service-learning and to challenge students to see themselves as agents of that change. This class is geared toward helping students understand how to translate idealism into tangible social change through interdisciplinary service-learning and civic engagement. We will examine volunteerism, community service-learning and civic engagement from theory to reality. Throughout the course students will engage in civic and scholarly discourse by executing, reflecting, and presenting a service-learning project.  

Sophomore Year 

HONR 2101 – Honors Experience Seminar  
Offered in Fall semesters only. 
HONR 2101 is intended to provide you the time, space and guidance to plan your Honors experience. You will investigate possibilities for internship, service and research experiences that will help you achieve your academic, personal and professional goals. In addition, you will create a plan for earning your Honors elective credits and chart a path for post-baccalaureate opportunities. Along the way, you will meet with senior Honors students and faculty across campus and deepen your knowledge of campus resources, as well as complete service-learning components central to your development as an Honors Program student.    

Students will choose a 3-credit honors elective course.  

Junior Year 

Students will choose a 3-credit honors elective course. 

HONR 3101 – Project of Excellence Seminar I  
Offered every semester, including summer. 
HONR 3101 culminates in the completion of a Preliminary Proposal for the Project of Excellence with the guidance and approval of the course instructor and the student’s faculty mentor. As part of the Preliminary Proposal, the student will complete a timeline that sets a course for project completion in time for graduation. In addition, students will be introduced to TAMUCC’s Research Compliance process and will complete any training necessary for their project. Students must successfully complete HONR 3101 in order to register for HONR 4101. 

Senior Year 

HONR 4101 - Project of Excellence Seminar II and a 3-credit honors elective course  
HONR 4101 is offered every semester, including summer. 
In HONR 4101 students work on completing the early stages of their Project of Excellence. Students are required to turn in a research compliance verification form and to submit progress reports, in which they explain what they have accomplished, roadblocks they have experienced, and/or their future plans. 

HONR 4102 - Project of Excellence Seminar III  
Offered every semester, including summer. 
In HONR 4102, students work on completing the final stages of their Project of Excellence. At the conclusion of 4102, students will complete the writing for their Project of Excellence and present at the Honors Symposium. As part of the course, students submit a final copy of their POE to the library repository. 

Honors Elective Options 

Honors Applied Experience Elective Options  
These applied experience elective courses are offered every semester, including summer. Each course requires 120 hours of applied experience to earn credit.  

HONR 2398 – Honors Applied Experience I 
HONR 2399 – Honors Undergraduate Research & Creative Works I 
HONR 4398 – Honors Applied Experience II 
HONR 4399 – Honors Undergraduate Research & Creative Works II 
HONR 4397 – Honors Internship 

Honors Course-Based Elective Options 
Honors offers a variety of course-based options throughout the year, either as Honors courses or courses throughout various departments as a designated Honors section.  

Finding Honors Courses in the Online Course Schedule  
Use the following instructions to check Honors course listings for each semester and to view updated enrollment numbers:  

  • Access the Online Course Schedule page from the SAIL menu page 
  • Select the term: Choose the semester you wish to view 
  • Select campus: Main - Corpus Christi  
  • Select course subject: All Subjects 
  • Select course type: Honors