Islander Fight Song and Alma Mater

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi traces its beginning back to 1947, when Ward Island became the home of the University of Corpus Christi with 312 students enrolled. In 1989, the University joined the A&M System and has since grown to five colleges. The Island University now has ~11,000 students from across the nation and 50 countries.

Islander Fight Song

Fight for A and M, A and M C-C
Highest Honor, Brave and Strong
Ever True will be
Onward to Victory
Islanders will Prevail
We'll Fight, Fight,
Fight Forever
A and M C-C!

Alma Mater

From the East, From the West, From the North, the South,
Alma Mater we praise your name.
As a fire in our hearts none shall ever doubt,
That your spirit is kept aflame.
Many people are heard the whole land through,
All lifting their voices praising you.
To the ends of the Earth we your worth will hail!
Alma Mater our A&M-CC.