Thrive 365

Thrive 365 is committed to creating a healthy Islander community by providing students with opportunities for learning and engagement, which focus on the eight dimensions of wellness: Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental, Financial, Occupational and Social. Thrive 365 facilitates the collaboration of programs and brings together events from University Health Center, University Counseling Center, Recreational Sports, Health Promotions, and more. 

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Environmental: Environmental wellness refers to leading a lifestyle that values the relationship we have with ourselves, our community, and the environment.

Social:  Social wellness focuses on belonging and nurturing meaningful and supportive relationships with our friends, family, and communities.

Occupational: Occupational wellness is achieving a balanced life and gaining personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work.

Intellectual: Intellectual wellness encourages us to engage in creative and mentally stimulating activities to expand our knowledge and requires lifelong learning.

Physical: Physical wellness is developing daily habits to improve our quality of life through physical activity.

Financial: Financial wellness is our relationship with money and developing the skills to manage our finances appropriately in the present and future.

Spiritual: Spiritual wellness is about integrating our beliefs, morals, values, and ethics to expand our sense of purpose and meaning.

Emotional: Emotional wellness is the ability to improve the relationship we have with ourselves through coping, self-care and understanding our emotions.