Student Organization Hazing Report

SB 38 Hazing Report (updated 7/9/2021)                                                                          

Alpha Sigma Phi         

Date Incident Occurred/Citation Issued: 2/15/19   

Date Investigation Initiated: 2/19/19          

Description of Incident: New members were asked to participate in questioning activities as part of their new member education     

Code of Conduct Violation(s): 05e: Hazing, 14. Other Violations      Finding(s): Organization admitted to hazing behavior described in the investigation report (questioning activities) and failed to comply with Student Activities staff who had warned the group multiple times to not conduct the questioning activities.   

Sanctions/Fines Imposed: Letter of Reprimand & organization must organize an education workshop on hazing for their chapter members. 

Date Discipline Process Resolved:  11/18/19

Omega Delta Phi        

Date Incident Occurred/Citation Issued: 10/6/19

Date Investigation Initiated: 10/8/19          

Description of Incident: Former member described hazing incidents including calisthenics, questioning activities, dressing alike and staying together for a week.

Code of Conduct Violation(s): 05b. Hazing, 05c. Hazing, 05d. Hazing

Finding(s): Hazing; members given physical punishment for not knowing information about the organization or its members. New members only given 1 cup of water with no other alternatives during unity week events; blindfolding & intimidation, dog whistling, verbal degradation, confiscation of member phones, sleeping in confined spaces, undressing in front of others; inability to do homework. 

Sanctions/Fines Imposed: Regional/national officers will be notified of the violations; Organization's recognition is suspended 2/3/2020 through 2/3/2021; Educational workshop on hazing to be organized and completed by 3/31/2020 (all active members are required to attend); Educational workshop on leadership to be organized and completed by 3/31/2020 (all active members are required to attend).         

Date Discipline Process Resolved:  2/4/21                      

Phi Delta Theta

Date Incident Occurred/Citation Issued: 2/27/20

Date Investigation Initiated: 3/4/20

Description of Incident: New members were placed in environments where they were physically injured and hazed.

Code of Conduct Violation(s): 03a. Endangerment, 03b. Endangerment, 05b. Hazing, 05c. Hazing,  05d. Hazing, 10a. Alcohol

Finding(s): Endangerment-rocks were thrown intentionally at new members and they were subjected to injury at the beach where glass was present. Hazing - new members was made to perform calisthenics in the form of burpees in the water and sit-ups in the sand; new members were provided alcohol during bid night; Alcohol was provided to members who were underage.

Sanctions/Fines Imposed: Organization's relationship with the university has been severed

Date Discipline Process Resolved:  5/20/20