Welcome, Graduate Recruits


Ahmed Mahdy

The College of Science at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi offers graduate degrees to support the technical requirements of our post-industrial society. You’ll find dynamic programs supported by a vibrant, award-winning faculty deeply invested in the ultimate purpose of a university - education - the growth and continuity of knowledge from one generation to the next. Our faculty and students, both graduate and undergraduate, are engaged in research on the frontiers of their fields. Here you will find your home in higher education.

Ahmed Mahdy, PhD
Interim Dean for the College of Science


Dr. Karen McCaleb

Our motto is Inquire, Innovate, Impact. Our mission is to guide, cultivate, and collaborate with a diverse community of scholars and stakeholders providing expertise, oversight and resources that generate and disseminate higher education excellence in South Texas and beyond.

Karen McCaleb, EdD
Dean for the College of Graduate Studies