Department of Mathematics and Statistics

While most people think of teaching and applications of statistics as the main employment opportunities for a mathematician, the range of opportunities is much wider. A math degree involves rigorous analytical thinking and problem solving, traits applicable in a wide range of fields including engineering, finance, medicine, computer science, data science, government careers, law, insurance and many others.

Programs Offered


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics aspires to uphold the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, and service. The diverse department strives to achieve regional, national, and global recognition for its expertise in the fields of mathematics, statistics, mathematics education, and data science. The department seeks also to excel in fostering collaboration with other disciplines to make significant contributions to knowledge.


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics aims to advance learning, critical thinking, and research through excellence in teaching and research in mathematics, statistics, mathematics education, and data science to produce highly competent professionals and provide high-quality service to South Texas, the State of Texas, the nation, and the global community.