College of Science

College of Science

Within the College of Science, you will find dynamic undergraduate and graduate programs led by engaged and supportive faculty who are invested in your success. In addition to classroom and lab experiences, we encourage you to participate in research activities that support and further your education and give you practical experience in your chosen field.

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College of Science Advisory Board

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Research Centers

A listing of the research centers that are related to the College of Science and Engineering
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Research Facilities

Laboratories and equipment available for teaching and research.
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Science Academic Advising

Success at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi can be yours – and it starts when you reach out for assistance when you need it. The Academic Advising team in the College of Science and Engineering helps you reach your educational goals by providing you crucial tools, resources and guidance.

Associated Faculty

Chandra Azad

Assistant Professional Professor of Chemistry

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Hussain Abdulla

Associate Professor

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