Music Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a degree appropriate for students who aspire to careers in arts management and marketing, music technology, musicology, and other academic music areas, or as instructors in private, nonacademic studios.  It is also a desirable degree for those who wish to study music within a traditional framework so as to preserve time for substantial course work in other disciplines. We have two degree emphasis: General Studies and Music Industry.

> Bachelor of Arts in Music - Music Industry Degree Plan
> Bachelor of Arts in Music - Music Studies Degree Plan

The Bachelor of Music in Performance is intended for students whose skills and interest in the performance or music are focused at the professional level.  This also is an appropriate degree for those who intend to build their careers as college/university teachers, but who will not teach in the elementary or secondary schools.  However, those who elect this option must be aware that ultimate success in performance-centered careers normally involves further study beyond the bachelor's degree, as well as growing accumulation of actual successful performance experience.  Further, those who seek dual careers as performers and studio instructors at the college/university level must be prepared to continue graduate study through the doctoral level to insure a successful appointment.

       > Bachelor of Music in Performance - Instrumental Degree Plan
       > Bachelor of Music in Performance - Vocal Degree Plan

The Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification is the appropriate professional degree for students who seek careers in elementary and/or secondary music education.  Degree tracks in vocal/general and instrumental music are available.  Successful completion on this degree leads to Texas-all-level teacher certification in music.

      > The Bachelor of Music Teacher Certification

The Music Minor is compatible with nearly all majors on campus and is for those students who have an interest in music, but wish to study it less intensively.

Students wishing to minor in music should possess a certain degree of music competence, including the ability to read music and perform as vocalist or on an instrument at an intermediate level.  Students are encouraged to discuss their plans to pursue a music minor with an advisor within the Music Department or the academic advisor prior to enrolling in music coursework.