Islanders Softball Sees Double Thanks to Torres Twins

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Islanders Women’s Softball is seeing double thanks to twins Gabriella and Alexandria Torres. The twin sisters, who have played with the Division I team since 2019, will both graduate this spring from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi — Gabriella with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and Alexandria with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This spring, the women took time to reflect on their unique academic and athletic journey at the Island University.

“It was never a question of how we’d choose schools — wherever one of us went the other would do her best to follow,” Gabriella said. “Alex got her offer first and within weeks mine came next. We’ve always known this is something we’d do as a team.”

Alexandria, who plays outfield, and Gabriella, a catcher, have played softball together since they were three years old. The San Antonio natives said they have played on more than 15 teams together. From try-outs to tournaments, the duo says their time growing up on the field wouldn’t have been possible without the unconditional support of their parents.

“Our mom is a teacher, and our dad works in the oil field,” Alexandria said. “No matter how busy our schedules got or how tight finances became, they’ve never stopped supporting us. No matter how tired our dad was, he was always quick to pick up a glove and practice with us. Our mom never shied away from sacrifice and even worked two jobs for us to be able to travel with our teams. They always knew that softball would be a gateway to an affordable education.”

While the Torres twins said they don’t experience “twin-telepathy” on the field, having each other as teammates has been a key factor in their ability to find success.

“Our bond as sisters only strengthens our bond as teammates because there’s no one else I could be so honest with,” Gabriella said. “Our work ethic bounces off one another and keeps up our focus. I can say without a doubt that Alex has made me a better athlete.”

Alexandria echoed her sister’s sentiments.

“My sister and I are both extremely competitive, but I believe we’re like this because of the drive and support we’ve given each other,” Alexandria said. “We understand each other in a way that at times not even our coaches can. Most times, I don’t even have to say what I’m thinking, and Gabriella knows. I know that playing alongside her our whole lives has made me the athlete I am today.”

Islander Women’s Softball Coach Kathleen Rodriguez said both women are shining examples of hard work and selflessness.

“Both Alex and Gaby lead by beautiful example every day,” Rodriguez said. “They are the type of players you can count on in any situation, who constantly work on their game and spend countless hours sharpening their playing skills. Their daily approach, competitiveness, love for the game, one another, and their teammates are what you want your players to emulate. I am lucky to be their coach.”

As Islander students, the twins have earned countless academic accolades, a considerable feat considering their full course loads and team schedules. Alexandria was on the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s List in 2020 and 2022 and has maintained her status on the Athletic Director Honor Roll since 2019. She is also currently the treasurer for the TAMU-CC chapter of the Psi Chi International Honor Society. Gabriella has consistently been on the College of Science Dean’s List since 2020. The women, who have “twin” grade point averages of 3.7, have also maintained their status as recipients of the Achieve Academic Scholarship since 2019 and currently serve as team representatives for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

“Finding a balance between school and softball is definitely a challenge, but it’s the thing that’s molded me into the person I am today,” Gabriella said.

Following their graduation, both women say they hope to make a difference in lives off the field as they pursue careers in different aspects of health care. Alexandria hopes to one day counsel athletes like herself as a psychologist as Gabriella dreams of becoming a physician’s assistant.

“I want to break the stigma that comes with seeking mental health resources and let other athletes know it’s okay to ask for help,” Alexandria said. “I want to let them know I’ve walked in their shoes and found success with support.”

Gabriella says her dream of becoming a physician’s assistant was a goal she set long before her collegiate career.

“I love being there for people when they need someone,” Gabriella said. “If I can further my knowledge and help patients by being a voice for them, then that’s what I want to do. I want to be there for my patients like my sister, my team, and my family is there for me.”

Reflecting on the next generation of student-athletes like themselves, the duo says it’s about keeping your head in the game and being there for those around you.

“Remembering why you play and who you play for will keep you going,” Alexandria said. “It’s all about trust and teamwork.”