National Spill Control School Boats Repaired With Donation From Phillips 66

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The National Spill and Control School (NSCS) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will make numerous repairs on one of its boats and replace both axles and all four tires on the boat trailer thanks to an $11,000 donation received from Phillips 66. The money will also be used to repair and acquire needed spill equipment at the Corpus Christi marina to ensure safe NSCS educational courses.  

NSCS uses two boats for university, governmental and industry workers, and community partners to conduct on-the-water spill response tactics, and two of those boats need repairs.  

NSCS will use $8,000 for an engine overhaul, fuel tank leak repairs, and trailer repairs for a 25-foot Sea Lark. The Sea Lark provides a safe platform for students to practice multiple types of boom operations and is also utilized by midstream companies for oil spill response courses.   

NSCS will use the remaining $3,000 to acquire and repair spill equipment located in a container at the Corpus Christi Marina. Those containers house anchors, booms, and other equipment used during training. 

“We are extremely grateful for this donation from Phillips 66,” said Dr. Tim Gunter, NSCS Director. “The National Spill Control School has historically relied on revenue from courses to pay for boat/trailer maintenance and spill equipment replacement, and the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted that revenue. This grant will allow the NSCS to ensure continuity of trainings offered and the safety of all participants through the funding of necessary repairs and maintenance.” 

Established in 1977, NSCS is a nationally recognized facility for oil spill research activities and education. In addition to training response personnel, industrial workers, and military personnel, the NSCS supports the National Response Team’s Strike Force with consulting through appointment by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. National Spill Control School personnel offer courses on the campus of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi including oil spill management, response, and safety, and hazardous material/waste management as part of the Environmental Science degree program. NSCS staff also travel nationally and internationally to deliver customized training to domestic and foreign industry and governmental agencies.  

Phillips 66’s philanthropic focus areas include Education and Literacy, Environment and Sustainability, and Community Safety and Preparedness. Phillips 66 believes that investing in education programs that serve to protect the environment builds an educated workforce that will drive the world’s economic future. Currently, the company’s assets in San Patricio County include two pipelines, Gray Oak and Clemens to Gregory, an ownership interest in South Texas Gateway Terminal, and the proposed Bluewater Texas Terminal.  

“We share TAMU-CC’s and The National Spill Control School’s commitment to protecting nature and the environment and we are pleased to support their efforts to train oil spill responders,” shared Kasey Brown, Ingleside Area Supervisor at Phillips 66.