TAMU-CC Now Offers 24/7 Online Mental Health Services for Students

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – University students face unique stressors. They often balance challenging coursework, part-time or full-time jobs, and a vibrant social life while living in an unfamiliar place. Sometimes the stress can feel like too much, and students need more support than only their friends or roommates can provide. To answer that need, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has partnered with Togetherall, a powerful mental health support resource available to students at no cost, anytime and anywhere they have an internet connection.  

Togetherall is an online peer-to-peer community accessible 24/7. This means Islander students can anonymously seek support from other users and provide support to others who may need it. The site also offers self-guided online courses, articles, and assessments for their mental health. All these interactions are moderated around the clock by Togetherall’s licensed mental health professionals, ensuring students feel safe and are guided to the appropriate level of care. The university’s partnership with Togetherall extends its relationship with ProtoCall Services, which already provides after-hours counseling center coverage.

“At Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, we strive to provide wellness and mental health resources that are personalized and relevant for students and the groups with which they identify,” said Dr. Theresa Sharpe, TAMU-CC Counseling Center Director and Licensed Psychologist. “We may be called the Island University, but we want to ensure that at no point and in no aspect of their life does a student feel deserted or alone with their problems.”

The TAMU-CC Counseling Center remains dedicated to finding innovative solutions to meet the population of its diverse student body, noted Sharpe. One such critical instance of this occurred during the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted the university to find options beyond in-person groups and workshops that also offered timely and flexible access to wellness and mental health resources. Togetherall’s ability to help address increased student mental health concerns fueled by isolation and uncertainty about the future, coupled with the platform’s success in reaching diverse groups of students, made it highly appealing to TAMU-CC.

Gabriella Bidwell ’22, a TAMU-CC student in the communication graduate program, believes that an online tool like Togetherall will especially benefit students who feel there is a stigma to reaching out for support.

“Having a 24/7 resource helps students feel less lonely,” said Bidwell. “Anonymity can help students share what’s truly on their minds without feelings of embarrassment or extra anxiety. The online tool is easily accessible, and it will help people relate to one another on a deeper level.”

The TAMU-CC Counseling Center will continue to offer its standard services, including initial and crisis consultations, individual counseling, groups and workshops, psychiatric services, and more.

To access Togetherall, TAMU-CC students can click here and enter their academic email address to register.

The TAMU-CC Counseling Center is located in the Driftwood Building. For more information on services and hours, visit https://www.tamucc.edu/counseling/services.php or call 361.825.2703.

A&M-Corpus Christi is offering a new counseling service for students.

Register for online support with Togetherall.