Get Ready for Summer and Fall Registration; Opening Week of April 1!

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Browsing the course catalog can be like walking into a grocery store chip aisle – a limitless amount of options. Likewise, with so many classes available to pick from, how do you choose which path to follow?

  1. Explore Your Options

Many freshmen and sophomores have yet to form clear career goals. Ask your advisor what exploratory classes you could take that would also count towards your degree plan and might also help you discover your passion. Who knows, your advisor may even be able to substitute these for some of your required degree requirements.

Did you know that you can audit a class (take it for no-credit), or that you might be eligible to take a class Pass/No Pass? For more information or general academic policies and regulations, visit the registrar website.

  1. Get Advice

Your academic success has two best friends: a faculty mentor and your academic advisor. You and your mentor should be in frequent contact, and you should visit your advisor at least once a semester. They are here to empower you, keep you on track, and maximize your success as an Islander student. They can also curate a customized plan that meets your unique situation and timeframe, help with scheduling classes, and be your advocate when you come across hurdles with your degree plan.

  1. Register Smart
  • Schedule registration dates in your phone
  • Register early to secure your spot
  • Check to ensure your eligibility and clear any holds
  • Look at all course offerings and create a plan “A” and backup plan
  • Write down the call number (CRN) of each class you plan to take that semester. This is the number you will enter when registering

If you prefer an in-person experience, think about registering at the Student Services Center, also known as the Round Building. Be sure to complete your “Class Scheduling Form” and take it with you along with a copy of your ID. The form is available at the building’s center kiosk or online at the registrar website.

  1. What to do if a Class is Full

Talk with the professor and your advisor or faculty mentor – they may have options for you such as fitting you into the class. If all else fails, keep checking the roster for open spots.

  1. Keep Track of Important Dates

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s 2019 summer and fall registration opens on April 1st and continues on through the dates found on the registrar website.  Late registration begins Monday, August 26th and can only be done in person. Late Registration ends September 3, 2019.

Eligible students can register online at or in person at the Student Services Center according to their classification below:

  • Graduate (doctoral and master) – Monday, April 1
  • Post-baccalaureate and Senior (90+ credit hours) – Tuesday, April 2
  • Junior (60-89 credit hours) – Wednesday, April 3
  • Sophomore (30-59 credit hours) – Thursday, April 4
  • Freshman (1-29 credit hours) – Friday, April 5