5 Tips for Smashing Your Midterms Out of the Park

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi midterms are right around the corner, and, for some, they have already begun. Midterms can be a particularly stressful and difficult time for many students. Don’t throw in the towel; we’ve compiled a list of tips to get you through it!

  1. Come Out Swinging

The worst thing is pulling an all-nighter or trying to cram, especially when you’re studying for multiple classes. Doing so could leave you with less than desirable grades and undue stress. Starting early lets you place your best foot forward and gives you the time you need to succeed.   

  1. Have a Game Plan

Getting started early won’t be helpful without a designated game plan. Map out all your exam and assignment due dates, then figure out which ones are most important or will need the most time. Designate certain times and days to work on each project and give each one their own due date to ensure everything is done on time. Give yourself enough time to work on each project, while also leaving room for relaxation.

  1. Have Someone in Your Dugout

Stuck on that one problem or essay that you just can’t wrap your head around? You can always turn to the Center for Academic Student Achievement (CASA). CASA offers tutoring, supplemental instruction, and writing review services in a welcoming environment. You could also speak with your professor for clarification or form a study group with fellow classmates.

  1. Don’t Bench Your Overall Health

From sleeping to eating to everything in between, take care of yourself while studying. Not only will you feel better, but you will also be a more effective learner. Studies show that sleep helps you better retain knowledge. Brain foods like fruits and veggies will give you what you need to power through your essays and exams. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or down, you can always do a quick Mood Check. The University Counseling Center also has counselors available if you need an ear, and a relaxation room if you need a calming space.   

  1. Library Resources Can Come Through in a Clutch

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library study rooms, group study rooms, computer labs, printers, and databases. If you’re looking for a place to focus, free from distraction, check out the first floor Quiet Area. Also, if you’re working on crafty projects, check out the new I-Create MakerSpace lab on the second floor.


For more ways to prepare for midterms, check out CASA’s 20 Tips for Studying.