Excellence in Art, Media and Communication Celebrated at 6th Annual SAMC Awards

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – In celebration of excellence in art, design, music, theatre, dance, media and communication, the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi hosted its 6th annual School of Arts Media and Communication (SAMC) Awards. The ceremony was held April 29 in the beautiful Performing Arts Center.

Sierra Priest and Micah Knupp, both theatre majors at the Island University, were chosen to emcee the ceremony, which opened with a rousing performance by Mariachi de la Isla, directed by Dr. Rai Morales, associate professor of music. Priest and Knupp then welcomed each student to the stage to receive a certificate and a set of cords in the University colors to wear at commencement.

Winners of 2018 SAMC Awards include:

Music Award Recipients
  • Excellence in Performance – Aidan Case, Austin Gabrillo and Sebastian Rodriguez
  • Excellence in Service – Alondra Crystal Aguilar, Samantha Garibay and Brian Helton
  • Excellence in Scholarly Activity – Gabriella Choma, Theresa Gayle and Aurelio Villarreal
Art & Design Award Recipients
  • Excellence in Painting – Tana Mari Alexander
  • Excellence in Printmaking – Aly Brandt
  • Excellence in Drawing – Erica Garcia
  • Excellence in Sculpture – Higinio “Gino” Hernandez
  • Excellence in Graphic Design – Sierra Lutz
  • Excellence in Photography – Robert Neal
  • Alumni Award – Payton Koranek and Lars Roeder
  • Excellence in Ceramics – Nicole Schiller
  • Excellence in Art History – Jamie Speck
Communications & Media Award Recipients
  • Outstanding International Student – Adebukunola Babalola
  • Outstanding Documentary Film – Alex Bardin
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant – Mackenzie Boedeker
  • Outstanding Graduate Scholar – Mackenzie Boedeker
  • Outstanding Student Leader – Cidnee Le’Sure
  • Outstanding Journalism Student – Illi-Anna Martinez
  • Outstanding Narrative Film – Savannah Ryan
  • Outstanding Scholar in Communication Studies – Kayla Weeks
  • Outstanding Scholar in Media Studies – KeAnna Whisenhunt
  • Outstanding Public Relations Student – KeAnna Whisenhunt
Dance Award Recipients
  • Outstanding Dance Student – Sloane Black
  • Outstanding Choreographer – Christopher Niesner
Theatre Award Recipients
  • Outstanding Actor – Austin Brady
  • Outstanding Designer – Austin Elledge
  • Outstanding Theatre Student – Hayden McLelland
  • Outstanding Theatre Education Student – Cynthia Perry
  • Outstanding Actress – Sierra Priest
  • Outstanding Theatre Technician – Keagan Styes
  • Outstanding Director – Morgan Urbanovsky