On March 29, 2016, the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and the Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence and Innovation (LSUASC), State of Texas FAA UAS Test Site, announced the National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Credentialing Program (NUASCP). NUASCP offers Part 107 operators the opportunity to receive a 3rd party vetting and "Live-Flight" operational audit of all their operational and safety policies, procedures and qualifications.

Qualified vendors and operators that complete the program are provided with a certificate that serves to differentiate them from thousands of other Part 107 Operations as voluntarily enrolling in and satisfactorily completing a program to further demonstrate their ability to safely and effectively operate Commercial Part 107 small UAS in the National Airspace System.

Moreover, this credential offers qualified vendors exclusive access to selected TEEX-LSUASC UAS programs and opportunities under development such as support to State and Federal disaster and emergencies and potential access to energy sector and other Industry partners for the purposes of infrastructure inspection and other remote sensing support that may contribute to the growth and enhanced business operation for the qualified vendor.  TEEX and the LSUASC continue to add “Stake Holder” partners to the program that may at their choosing elect to require successful completion of this program in order to be considered for contracted services. 

For more information contact Mr. Tony Crites, Assoc. Division Director, Infrastructure Training & Safety Institute at or Mr. Joe Henry, Associate Director of Business Development for the LSUASC at