Learning Commons at Bell Library

The Learning Commons is a recently renovated addition to the Mary and Jeff Bell Library located on the first floor of the Library. The creation of the Learning Commons was a collaborative effort between CASA (Center for Academic Student Achievement) and Bell Library to better engage and serve our students and the wider campus community. The Learning Commons is a space where students can study independently, with a study partner, or with a small group in one of its many open seating areas. The Learning Commons will also serve as a space where some tutors from CASA's Tutoring and Learning Services can meet with students during pre-scheduled sessions. 


The Learning Commons is located on the first floor of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library. Enter the main lobby, turn right past the staircase, walk past the computer stations, and the Learning Commons is on the left. 

First Floor 


 learning commons entrance


Schedule a session with a tutor: https://www.tamucc.edu/academics/support/tutoring-learning-services/tutoring.php 

Learn more about other peer support Tutoring and Learning Services: https://www.tamucc.edu/academics/support/tutoring-learning-services/ 

Learn more about CASA: https://www.tamucc.edu/academics/casa/



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