Online Testing and Proctored Exams

Courses may require the use of exam-proctoring involving third party charges. Exam-proctoring charges may range from $1 - $50.00 per exam. Students may be required to schedule exams at least 24 hours in advance or incur late scheduling charges.

  • All costs for exams are the responsibility of the student.
  • Students may also be responsible for providing webcams to be used in test proctoring.
  • Students may be required to show to an online proctor, via webcam,
    1. a photo ID, and
    2. the interior of the space where the student is taking the test/exam.

Course instructors may approve the use of alternative different testing sites, such as a library, a college, or other testing locations near you. It is the student's responsibility to find a testing site, obtain instructor’s permission to use it, and facilitate communication with the approved testing site.