Place Library Materials on Hold

Bell Library books and DVDs that are permitted to leave the library can be requested in advance.

When you request an item that's listed as “available”, we'll send a staff member to find it, get it ready for you, and hold it at the Bell Library Circulation Desk for up to seven days.

If the item is listed as “not available” or “Out of the library”, your name will be added to a list of people who have requested it.

When you’re at the top of the list, and the item becomes available, we'll notify you and you can pick it up at the Circulation Desk. To check where you are in the list visit your library account.

To find and request items

  1. Search for the title in the library quick search box, then click on the title in the results list
  2. Sign in with your IslandID and click “Request”
  3. Enter the date you need the item by and click “Send Request”

You'll be notified as soon as the book is ready for pick up.


Get this from another library vs. request

Don’t want to wait in line for an item listed as “not available” or “Out of the library”? We’ll order a copy from another library.

Instead of clicking “Request” choose “Get This From Another Library”. You’ll be taken to our Interlibrary Loan page where you’ll sign in with your IslandID, enter your need by date, and submit the request. We’ll find a library willing to loan it, and you’ll be notified once it arrives at Bell Library.