Checkouts, Renewals, & Holds

Checking Out Materials

The Mary and Jeff Bell Library is open to members of the TAMU-CC community (students, faculty, and staff) as well as members of the wider community.

To borrow library materials, students, faculty, and staff must:

  • be enrolled/employed in current term
  • present a valid university identification card or other state photo ID
  • keep their library account in good standing (fines / charges less than $15.00)

Community members must purchase a Community User card to borrow library materials. The card costs $20 for one year of borrowing privileges.

  • Community users can borrow books from the Main, Juvenile, and Oversized collections, as well as DVDs and government documents.
  • Community users cannot check out periodicals, materials in noncirculating collections, or books in the Popular Reading collection.
  • The Community User card does not grant off-campus access to library databases.
Borrower Responsibilities
  • Do not let others use your ID to check out materials, or give materials you've checked out to someone else. Library borrowing privileges are non-transferable. You are responsible for all items checked out to your account.
  • Keep your information up to date. The library sends notices to your email address on file; if that address is wrong, you may miss notices. You are responsible for returning materials on time regardless of whether or not you received a notice.
  • Use library materials with care. Do not write or highlight in books, turn pages down, or remove pages. Keep DVDs and CDs protected in their cases when not in use. You are financially responsible for any lost or damaged items. If you notice damage before checking items out, please bring it to the attention of library staff.


Bell Library materials can be renewed three different ways:

  • Online through your library account
  • In person at the Circulation Desk
  • By telephone (361-825-2340).

Overdue materials and items that have been placed on hold cannot be renewed online.

For information on renewing Interlibrary Loan materials, see: Materials not in my Library

Checkout details by borrower type

Borrower type Checkout length Max number of items Number of renewals Required form of ID
 Undergraduates  3 weeks  30  3 renewals  Valid SandDollar$   card
 Honors program  6 weeks  30  3 renewals  Valid SandDollar$   card
 Masters/doctoral  6 weeks  50  3 renewals  Valid SandDollar$   card
 Faculty  6 months  Unlimited  Unlimited  Valid SandDollar$   card
 TAMU-CC staff  6 months  Unlimited  3 renewals  Valid SandDollar$   card
 Community user  3 weeks  3  No renewals  Valid SandDollar$   card
 Driscoll hospital  6 months  Unlimited  Unlimited  Driscoll employee   ID
 Kingsville, Del Mar & TexShare   users  3 weeks  3  3 renewals  Valid TexShare card

 Checkout periods by material type and user

Types of materials Undergraduate students Graduate students Faculty & staff
Books 3 weeks 6 weeks 6 months
General media 2 days 2 days 2 weeks
Reserves 3-hour* 3 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Reserves 1-day 1 day 1 day 1 day
Reserves 2-day 2 day 2 day 2 day
Reserves 7-day 7 day 7 day 7 day
Reserves (media)* 3 hours 3 hours 1 day
Study rooms* 3 hours 3 hours n/a
Marker packets* 3 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Popular reading books 3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks
Dissertations & theses 3 weeks 6 weeks 6 months
Government documents 3 weeks 6 weeks 6 months
Maps (selected) 3 weeks 6 weeks 6 months
Interlibrary Loan Varies Varies Varies

*All 3-hour checkouts are in-library use only.

To view your due dates and fines visit your library account.

View more details on library fines.