Mary and Jeff Bell Library

Strategic Framework

Academic Years 2022 - 2026

Student Experience

Bell Library will actively contribute to the student experience in positive and meaningful ways that advance student success, nurture a sense of community, and promote social justice.

  • Provide student-centered services and spaces that foster a sense of belonging in an inclusive and welcoming environment.
  • Offer transformational learning opportunities for students through programming, exhibits, events, and innovative spaces.
  • Support technology and workspaces that encourage full engagement with curricular content and job preparation.
  • Provide leadership in areas of textbook affordability and open education to promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity.
  • Offer employment opportunities that prepare student employees to be responsible and engaged professionals.

Discovery and Access

Bell Library will build and provide collections that are sustainable, equitable, supportive of all disciplines, and discoverable to meet the diverse needs of our community of users and contribute to the broader global community of knowledge.

  • Make data-driven decisions about purchasing materials to improve customization of the collection for each discipline and the needs of our users.
  • Facilitate open access publishing to promote more sustainable approaches to scholarly communication.
  • Contribute to state and national efforts regarding sustainable approaches to library collections and preservation.
  • Facilitate information management and ensure ease of access to content and resources for users.
  • Digitize our unique South Texas collections to increase discoverability and access within and beyond our region.

Teaching and Learning

Bell Library will develop and implement innovative programs that help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed academically and become lifelong learners as well as responsible and engaged global citizens.

  • Scaffold information literacy and digital literacy into the academic careers of our students through the campus-wide I-Know initiative.
  • Provide necessary resources to support ongoing development of library pedagogical practices.
  • Enhance the information literacy curriculum by engaging in conversations about mis- and disinformation, information access and justice, and the erasure and suppression of marginalized and underrepresented voices.

The Research Enterprise

Bell Library will actively support and enhance research and creative activity initiatives on campus at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and faculty scholarship.

  • Enhance and expand research services to support the campus mission to advance the University’s research agenda.
  • Increase the Library’s capacity to support new digital scholarship initiatives in all disciplines.
  • Harness library expertise to broaden the impact of campus research within our local, state, national, and global communities.
  • Encourage and support an active culture of scholarship within the Library to increase our own scholarly output and to serve as partners in research across campus.

Organizational Effectiveness

Bell Library will serve as a model of organizational effectiveness, change readiness, and sustainability.

  • Foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusivity among Library employees and increase diversity of our staff through inclusive hiring practices.
  • Provide an environment that is supportive of development and well-being to ensure a thriving workforce.
  • Develop and support a culture of continuous improvement through evidence-based decision making, transparency, assessment, effective management of resources, and a change readiness mindset.
  • Communicate effectively with our many constituencies and stakeholders.
  • Create a culture of fundraising, including sponsored grants and philanthropic giving, to sustain and grow operations.
  • Conduct regular and effective needs assessments to guide the ongoing development of Library services and collections.

Community and Global Impact

Bell Library will actively engage with the local community and region to share our expertise, passions, and resources while learning from our community partners,  resulting in relationships that will benefit our campus, the local community, and beyond.

  • Preserve and conserve resources of cultural value and historical significance to our region and Coastal Bend communities, especially those of diverse and underrepresented populations, ensuring that our unique history is accessible for the future.
  • Build relationships with community organizations and explore opportunities for further collaboration.
  • Develop outreach and engagement programs that contribute to community development and social well-being.