Gifts of Books and Other Library Materials

The Mary and Jeff Bell Library gladly considers donations of the following materials:

  • The Bell Library welcome gifts of books written by TAMU-CC faculty and staff. These items can be sent to, Kristine Gonzales,, 361-825-3191.
  • The library will also accept unique items in good condition that are of critical research interest to the University, which are not currently held in our general collection, and which are not commercially available.
  • Current editions of course-adopted textbooks are accepted for the library’s Course Reserve program. These books will be discarded when they become out of date or are no longer in use in courses at the University. Donated textbooks will not be added to the library’s permanent collection.
  • Special Collections & Archives reviews donations of unique or rare books, manuscripts, personal papers, TAMU-CC related materials, and other archival materials that are of critical research interest to the University and enhance our special collections. For more information about donating to Special Collections & Archives, contact the Interim Director of Special Collections & Archives, Jennifer Anderson,, 361-825-3321.

Apart from the exceptions above, the Bell Library no longer accepts donations of books and other materials. The high costs associated with evaluating and processing donated materials, as well as space constraints and limited staff resources, are key factors in revising our gift policy.

Please consider other donation alternatives such as your local public library, used books stores, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or other charitable organizations.

To address questions related to this policy, please contact: Mohammad AlHamad, Director of Resource Management & Discovery, at, 361-825-2355.


Approved 10/8/2019