Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson: University Author's Day 2024

by Ana Sherrill, Associate Editor

Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson speaking with arms folded

Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson visited campus April 4th, 2024 (Author's Day) to perform a reading of her poetry - a full circle moment, as Vocab is from Corpus Christi and even wrote her first poem on a typewriter at her aunt's house. Some background of Vocab: a staple of the San Antonio art scene, commissioned by the San Antonio Museum, and a musician. Vocab released a book during the 2020 pandemic - when there would be no chance to do any readings, in-person book signings, or anything part of a book tour. The book, "She Lives in Music" (2020), was also provided to hundreds of high school students that attended University Author's Day 2024. 

 She Lives in Music 2020

"She Lives in Music" is Available for purchase through FlowerSong Press.

If you aren't familiar with her, get ready to be because she is single-handedly one of the most impressive poets I've ever heard - a crystal clear singing voice where her poetry is delivered in the purest form: music. I believe one note I jotted down during the event while she was performing was, "holy fuck, she's talented," just because of how much in awe of her work I was. 

The amount of water flowing mentioned in her poetry was perfect for a reading by the bayside on the Bell Library's second floor. She oozed charisma in each word, with a flow that reminded people that spoken word, rap, and poetry all borrow from each other. The water mentioned in her poetry jives perfectly with the flow and musicality of it all - bending, moving, and reflecting. Like the ocean, it could bring a peaceful emotion or brew up a storm inside a person. 

Sanderson's poem

It should be noted that Vocab commands a room with ease. She was aware of what the group wanted and needed to hear. While sharing her poetry, she advised authors out there waiting for their chance to be published: "keep submitting until you get your acceptance."

Indeed, it is hard to imagine any publisher rejecting Vocab's work for me - it was so moving and earnest that surely anyone could see the raw skill and talent in her. Or maybe I could see a little bit of myself in her - two Corpus Christi natives, both writers, lived in San Antonio, coming back to Corpus Christi. It was an inspiring moment for me, reminding me of a future I once dreamed of. During Vocab's signing after, I listened to her encourage other authors and saw what all of San Antonio saw: someone special, someone talented, someone worth rallying behind. She was more than willing to provide a quote for the Windward Review blog, which I am pleased to share with everyone now: 

"This was a full circle moment for me. Releasing a book during the pandemic was tough. I didn't have the opportunity to launch and tour the way I would have liked to. It was a celebratory experience with a beautiful and attentive audience. I try to fill the atmosphere with love and I felt the reciprocity of my offering returned. Dale, Jenny, and the other attending professors rolled out the red carpet for me. It was a truly special occasion overall." 

Really, could anyone have said it better? 

 Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson with books

You can follow Vocab on Instagram @vocabulous, on Youtube @Vocabyss, and on Facebook @VocabSanderson. Stream her poetry wherever you normally stream music: Spotify, Apple Music, and YT Music

 Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson at Bell Library