Rossy Evelin Lima

Rossy Evelin LimaWe are excited to showcase "Headed South" from Windward contributor, friend, and colleague, Rossy Evelin Lima. "Headed South" is published in her book Migrare Mutare and translated by Don Cellini. Dr. Lima is an essential voice in our region, as well as nationally and internationally. We are also pleased to publish new poetry from Dr. Lima in Windward's Vol. 18. Described by Juan Felipe Herrera as a "lyrical warrior crossing," Lima has recently joined the faculty in the Spanish Department at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Bienvenido, Dr. Lima!

Hacia el sur

En la frontera hay letreros
que señalan con una flecha
hacia dónde está México: hacia el sur.

Yo siempre corro a ponerme atrás de ellos
esperando que esa flecha se clave en mis pasos
esperando que esa flecha me haga una marca en el rostro
mientras me traspasa para seguir su rumbo: hacia el sur.

Corro a ponerme atrás de cada letrero deseando que la flecha
sea un arpón y mi pecho cristal,
que se divida en mil estelas,
esperando tragarme esa flecha como una espina,
como un ancla.
Hacia donde está México: hacia adentro.

Headed South

On the border there are signs,
an arrow that points
the direction toward Mexico: south.

I always run to put myself behind them
hoping that this arrow
fixes my steps
hoping that the arrow
will imprint itself on my forehead
while it runs on continuing its route: south.

I run to put myself behind every sign hoping that the arrow
will harpoon my crystal chest,
shattering it into a thousand trails,
hoping to swallow the arrow
like a thorn,
like an anchor.
Which direction is Mexico: within.