Devyn Jessogne

Devyn Elyzabeth (nee Jessogne) is a 22 year old poet studying Creative Writing at Columbia College Chicago. Devyn is currently a Senior honing her craft and writes both poetry and prose on topics that range from queer sexuality and relationships to mental illness and abuse. She has also previously been published in FRANCES magazine, an online mixed arts journal. When Devyn isn’t spilling her guts through poetry, she can be found at your local indie coffee shop with her journal and some Frank O’Hara or at home with her long term girlfriend and their cat listening to records. Devyn can be contacted for opportunities and inquiries on her writing and herself via email at

Devyn’s piece was interesting because it talks about the heart. She went in depth on how rich it can be as well as beautiful. Additionally, the way she writes the poem is short and says what is wanted to be said for something so poetic.  


Portrait of Your Heart 


In a gold frame, gilded with jeweled finery I could never mimic, 

a portrait in oils much brighter than I’d ever been before. 

So well painted I could hardly recognize my reflection, 

could gray eyes shine like the moon, brown hair be warm? 


I never look into grass, and see something worth admiration. 

To make somebody immortal through art feels misleading. 

This singular image captures the image of an ageless angel, 

not the reality of crumbling bones and graying roots. 


This wasn’t the grotesque rendering of my insecure mind, 

But an acrylic rendering of your heart, reflected in my smile. 

You painted me, an Italian model bathed in golden sun, 

And to see me through your eyes feels a lot like love.