We’re excited about your interest in our programs and hope that you’ll find your learning experience in our department both enriching and enjoyable. Our mission is to engage students in a comprehensive and diverse learning experience that creates a solid foundation for understanding the complexities of human behavior and social systems.


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As the largest department in the College of Liberal Arts, we offer Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Sociology, as well as a minor in Social Work. A Bachelor’s degree from our department prepares students to think critically about the social world and to better understand human behavior. Our graduates are qualified to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields including social services, mental health, human resources, law, criminal justice, and education.  

In addition to our undergraduate programs, we also offer a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. This program trains students to work as mental health professionals who assess and treat a wide range of mental health problems. Our graduates pursue professional licensure in psychology at the Master’s level and work in a variety of settings including community mental health centers, schools, behavioral hospitals, and private practice clinics.

Our diverse faculty have a longstanding tradition of dynamic student mentoring, including research experiences that allow students to showcase their work at department symposia and professional conferences across the United States and prepare them to pursue advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines.

Please browse our website for additional information about each program, our faculty, and student organizations.  

Wishing you success in all your educational pursuits,

Dr. Amy Houlihan
Chair, Department of Psychology and Sociology