Catherine Quick Schumann

Dr. Catherine Quick Schumann
Chair, Department of English
Associate Professor of English
Phone: 361.825.3025
Office: FC 286
Email: catherine.schumann@tamucc.edu



photo of andrews-christopher

Dr. Christopher Andrews
Technical & Professional Writing Coordinator
Writing Studies Coordinator 
Associate Professor of English 
Phone: 361-825-4124 
Office: FC 285
Email: christopher.andrews@tamucc.edu


photo of bezio kelly
Dr. Kelly L. Bezio
Graduate Coordinator
Associate Professor of English 
Phone: 361-825-3623 
Office: CE 213C
Email: kelly.bezio@tamucc.edu


Dr. Shawnrece Campbell
Dr. Shawnrece Campbell
Dean, CLA & SAMC
Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-2659
Office: FC 203B
Email: shawnrece.campbell@tamucc.edu


Robin Carstensen
Dr. Robin Carstensen
Creative Writing Coordinator
Associate Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-3627
Office: FC 281
Email: robin.carstensen@tamucc.edu


photo of doolan-stephen
Dr. Kevin Concannon
Director of Honors Program
Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-3874
Office: FC 282
Email: kevin.concannon@tamucc.edu


Stephen Doolan
Dr. Stephen Doolan
Applied Linguistics Program Coordinator 
Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-3643
Office: CE 213B
Email: stephen.doolan@tamucc.edu


Charles Etheridge

Dr. Charles Etheridge 
Professor of English   
Phone: 361-825-5755
Office: FC 288
Email: charles.etheridge@tamucc.edu


Fitzsimmons-Doolan faculty pic1

Dr. Shannon Fitzsimmons-Doolan
Associate Professor of English
Most recent publication
Phone: 361-825-3607
Office: FC 257
Email: Shannon.Fitzsimmons-Doolan@tamucc.edu

Susan Garza
Dr. Susan Garza
Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-2483
Office: FC 267
Email: susan.garza@tamucc.edu


Issac Hinojosa
Dr. Yndalecio Hinojosa
Interim Associate Dean, CLA
Associate Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-5990
Office: FC 203C
Email: yndalecio.hinojosa@tamucc.edu


Frances Johnson
Dr. Frances Johnson
Senior Professional Professor of English
Email: frances.johnson@tamucc.edu


Sinae Lee
Dr. Sinae Lee
Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-4052
Office: FC 262
Email: sinae.lee@tamucc.edu


Default Pic
Dr. Eric Luttrell
Professional Associate Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-2488
Office: CE 213D
Email: eric.luttrell@tamucc.edu


Andrea Montalvo
Ms. Andrea Montalvo-Hamid
First-Year Writing Program Coordinator
Hispanic Heritage Month Coordinator
Professional Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-2657
Office: FC 136
Email: andrea.montalvo@tamucc.edu
Lizbette Ocasio-Russe
Dr. Lizbette Ocasio-Russe
Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-4064
Office: FC 275
Email: lizbette.ocasio-russe@tamucc.edu
Pattison, Dale
Dr. Dale Pattison
Associate Professor of English
Literary Studies Coordinator
Phone: 361-825-2418
Office: FC 255
Email: dale.pattison@tamucc.edu
Pina, Manuel
Dr. Manuel Piña
Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-2640
Office: FC 115B
Email: manuel.pina@tamucc.edu


Sarah Salter
Dr. Sarah Salter
Interim Chair, DINS 
Associate Professor of English 
Phone: 361.825.2834 
Office: FC 256
Email: sarah.salter@tamucc.edu


photo of sorensen-jennifer
Dr. Jennifer Sorensen
Associate Professor of English 
Phone: 361-825-3002
Office: FC 258
Email: jennifer.sorensen@tamucc.edu


default no photo
Dr. Wendy Walker
Professional Associate Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-2979
Office: FC 127
Email: wendy.walker@tamucc.edu



default no photo
Dr. David Wallace 
Professional Associate Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-2994
Office: FC 137
Email: david.wallace@tamucc.edu
photo of wiehe jarred
Dr. Jarred Wiehe
Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-3826
Office: FC 283
Email: jarred.wiehe@tamucc.edu
Wolff-Murphy, Susan

Dr. Susan Wolff-Murphy 
Interim Associate Provost
Director, Coastal Bend Writing Project
Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-3365
Office: CCH 219E
Email: susan.murphy@tamucc.edu

photo of zeman-corinne
Dr. Corinne Zeman
Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 361-825-6044
Office: FC 254



Saja Carpenter
Administrative Assistant IV
Phone: 361-825-3457
Office: FC 274B