Creating a Scholarship Endowment

Creating a scholarship endowment is one way to ensure your contribution will remain in perpetuity to support higher education and to help the University remain competitive in attracting the brightest students.

In recognition of donors making significant contributions to endowed scholarships, the University established the Endowed Scholarship Council. Donors with cumulative gifts to endowed scholarship funds of $50,000 or more are inducted into the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Endowed Scholarship Council and recognized at the annual Endowed Scholarship Banquet.


Endowed Scholarship Council Platinum Wave ($500,000 Or More)

Arthur F. Lobe Endowed Scholarship 

E. Marvin Collins Scholarship Endowment

Ennis S. and Virginia C. Joslin Scholarship Endowment

Frances K. Snyder Scholarship Fund

Jeannette Holloway/Estill Foundation Endowed Scholarship

LaVerne and Thomas Howell Endowed Scholarship

Lawrence M. Atkins Scholarship Endowment

Wright Family Scholarship Fund 

Gold Wave ($250,000 - $499,000)

AEP Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

C. J. Davidson Scholarship Endowment

Chapman Hulings Scholarship Endowment Fund 

Ed Hicks Endowed Scholarship in Business 

Greater Texas Foundation Removing Education Barriers Scholarship Endowment 

H-E-B Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

John W. Boatwright Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Larry and Karen Urban Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Lena Coleman-Wilson Hope Scholarship

Melvyn N. Klein Scholarship Endowment for Writing and Communication 

Mrs. Willard (Jeannine) Hammonds Sr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship 

Ruth Campbell Scholarship Endowment

The Flint Hills Resources, LP Fund in Mechanical Engineering 

Silver Wave ($150,000 - $249,000)

CITGO Engineering Scholarship Endowment

Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Endowed Scholarship

Margaret Rose Turnbull Scholarship Endowment

One Hundred Club Scholarship Endowment

Patty and Joseph P. Mueller Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Port of Corpus Christi Endowed Scholarship In Engineering 

Rene Haas Student Leader Scholarship Endowment

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Engineering Degree Program Grant

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Foundation General Scholarship Endowment 

Wells Fargo Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Green Wave ($100,000 - $149,000)

American Bank Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

American Bank Scholarship Endowment

Berry Contracting Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Clinical Nurse Specialist Graduate Scholarship Endowment

Crutchfield Family Scholarship Endowment

Erin Caroline Donalson Memorial Endowed Scholarship 

Flavius and Kathy Killebrew Scholarship Endowment 

George and Lorwen Merriman Endowed Scholarship 

Islander Class Agent Scholarship Endowment

John O. Heldenfels, Sr. Scholarship

Joseph and Ruth Sheinberg Scholarship Endowment

Laverne and Thomas Howell Endowed Scholarship

Marty S. Pritchett Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Nancy T. Goodman Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Port of Corpus Christi Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Rene Haas Student Leader Scholarship Endowment

Sembradores De Amistad de Corpus Christi Scholarship Endowment

Susan McAdams Dugan Scholarship Endowment

The LC Foundation Inc. President’s Fund Endowment

The Marine Technology Society, Houston Section Endowed Scholarship

The Susan George Utley Memorial Choral Music Endowed Scholarship

Virginia T. Rankin Quasi Scholarship Endowment

William Armor Ball, Jr. Endowed Scholarship


Blue Wave ($50,000 - $99,000) 

Atlee M. and John W. Cunningham Endowed Scholarship

Ben F. Vaughan, Jr. Scholarship Endowment

Bernard and Joan Paulson Scholarship Endowment

Bonnie and Edward G. Pereida Scholarship Endowment

C. J. Watson Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Celika Storm Endowed Scholarships in Nursing and Business

Darryl Haas Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Dee Stephens Scholarship Endowment in Nursing

Dinah Bowman Honors Scholarship Endowment

Donald St. John Smith Scholarship Endowment

Dr. B. Alan Sugg Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Carl R. Beaver Memorial Scholarship 

Dr. David Miller Endowed Scholarship 

Dr. Hector P. Garcia Scholarship Endowment

Earl C. Sams Foundation Scholarship Endowment

Elizabeth F. Sefcik Endowed Scholarship

Evening Post Publishing Company - KRIS TV Scholarship Endowment

Flavius and Kathy Killebrew Scholarship Endowment

Frank Robinson Memorial Scholarship Endowment

George and Tiny Hawn Endowed Scholarship in Education 

George Brown Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Business

James and Candace Moloney Scholarship Endowment

John and Augusta Doan Endowed Scholarship

Joseph A. and Ruth S. O’Brien Endowed Scholarship

Joseph P. and Patty Puig Mueller Endowed Scholarship Fund

Linda B. Smith Environmental Scholarship

Margaret Mary Miller Endowed Scholarship

Mary Jane Hamilton Endowed Scholarship in Nursing 

Richard and Florence King Scholarship Endowment

Rotary Club of Corpus Christi Scholarship Endowment

Sam and Anne Countiss Scholarship Endowment

Student Foundation Leadership Scholarship Endowment

The Anne C. Parr Endowed Scholarship 

The Behmann Brothers Foundation Endowed Scholarship

The Dan and Carolyn Pedrotti Endowment for the Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation

The Jace C. Hoffman Memorial Scholarship

William and Lyell Snyder Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Marine Science