National Student Employee of the Year

2020 Nominations for National Student Employee of the Year will be judged on the

8 NACE Core Competencies:
• Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
• Oral/Written Communications
• Teamwork/Collaboration
• Digital Technology
• Leadership
• Professionalism/Work Ethic
• Career Management
• Global/Intercultural Fluency

2019–2020 Student Employee of the Year

Winner: Victor Perez

Nominator's Name: Jonathan Payne

Nominating Department: Information Technology

Runner up include:

1st Runner Up: Kiara Monroy 

Nominator's Name: Candace Martinez

Nominating Department: College of Nursing and Health Science

2nd Runner Up: McKenzey Fox

Nominator's Name: Kaelum Messer

Nominating Department: Career Services