Federal Careers

What can you do with your major?

Here are 10 reasons why federal jobs are terrific!

  • Excellent Salaries – Most salaries meet those in the private sector, with regular increases. Your pay is based on grade levels G-5 to G-15. As a new college graduate, the main pay range is between G-5 to G-9, roughly around $ 40,000 to start. Starting salaries are based on your geographic location, grade point average and honors, and experience in the field. You are eligible for regular increases at the end of each year.
  • Great Benefits - Have the opportunity to choose from some of the best health, dental, life, and long term care insurance. Annual cost of living increases are another benefit.
  • Student Loan Repayment - Overwhelmed with student loan debt? Work for the government and they can assist you with your student loans! Some agencies pay up to $60,000 for loan repayment.
  • Job Security – Federal workers have the best job security in today’s economy and into the future.
  • Quick Advancement – Regularly scheduled and merit-based promotions are the rewards for good job performance.
  • Safe Pensions – Coverage by secure pensions, difficult to find in the private sector.
  • Generous Vacations – Ten paid holidays and up to 26 days of vacation.
  • Flexible Schedules – Don’t want to work 9-to-5? Some agencies have flexible schedules, part time work, and telecommuting options. This is a great contributor to balancing your work and personal lives.
  • Looking for a purpose? A meaningful job? – You can impact the lives of people every day. Working for the government provides the opportunity to make our country better through interesting and challenging job opportunities.
  • They are Hiring – Unlike the private sector with layoffs and bankruptcies, the federal government hopes to hire over 273,000 new employees to replace retiring Baby-Boomers.