iCAT's Story

For close to 25 years, there have been passionate student, staff, and faculty who give freely of their time to promote the health and welfare of the campus cats. iCAT owes its present form to all of the cat lovers who laid the groundwork for what it is today.

In 1995 a handful of passionate cat lovers, led by Grace Huang, began caring for the campus cats and financed their efforts through fundraisers which included selling handmade jewelry. In 2009, these volunteer efforts were formalized into the Feral Cat Program which actively worked to spay and neuter the cats to manage population growth.

As time went on, so too did the services which the Feral Cat Program provided. Soon, volunteers provided daily feedings and collaborated with local veterinarians to provide care for the cats.

In 2019, the Feral Cat Program became iCAT and was established as a university committee. Even as iCAT continues to collaborate with partners to care for the cats in a changing world, we remain mindful of Grace Huang’s vision of the campus cats as a valuable part of our campus community.