State Service



Current Employees:

How to update your State Service with TAMU-CC.

  1. Complete the Previous State Employment Verification form to request your state service time from any TSA other than TAMU-CC.
  2. Please forward the completed form to for processing.

How to View State Service Accruals in Workday

  1. From your Workday Home (Welcome) page click the cloud icon in the upper right corner; if you have your personal picture as an icon you can click it instead.
  2. Click View Profile underneath your name.
  3. Click Overview on the Blue Ribbon.
  4. Click State Service Tab to see your accrual.

If you believe your accrual is not accurate, please contact

Former Employees: You may submit a form or request from your current state agency to The form should include your social security number and approximate dates of service.

State Agencies: Send your form or request for state service by email to The forms should include the employee’s social security number and approximate dates of service.

Contact  if you have any questions.