Working After Retirement

TRS Working After Retirement Rules

To Work Less than 50% Effort:  Must have one calendar month break (30 days) in service.

To Work 100% Effort:  Must have 12 month break in service.

Impact on the Department:

  • If the TRS Retiree Works more than 50% in any given month, the employing department will pay a surcharge of 16.50% for months employed over 50%.

  • If the TRS Retiree is enrolled in TRS Medical Coverage the department will pay a TRS Care Surcharge of $535.00.  (Per month figures.)

Impact on the TRS Retiree:

  • If the TRS Retiree works within the first month (30 days) after retirement, TRS will revoke retirement.

  • TRS will stop annuity payments for months if the employee works over 50%.

Additional Information for TRS Retiree

TRS retirees are responsible for keeping track of their monthly hours.  Once reported to TRS, hours cannot be changed.

TRS Brochure (Employment After Retirement):

TRS Employee After Retirement Hour Limits:

Texas A & M University System Retirement Programs: