Non-Immigrant Status and Visa

There are more than 20 non-immigrant visa categories, each used to enter the US for different purposes that range from tourism, business, employment, education, or training. Non-immigrant visas (NIVs) and statuses are used by foreign nationals who reside in a foreign country but who seek to enter the US temporarily.

Except for a few categories that provide for dual intent, most non-immigrant visas are issued only to foreign nationals seeking to enter the U.S. temporarily and to return to their home country on or before their authorized stay. Most NIVs are granted a U.S. consulate abroad that has jurisdiction over the foreign nationals’ place of residence.

In some cases, a person entering the U.S. for a few months may request an extension of the stay or may seek to change to another non-immigrant status, e.g., from B-1 Tourist to F1 Student or from an F1 to an H1B Specialty Occupation Worker or even change their status from a Non-immigrant to an Immigrant status.

On this Immigration Services website, we will discuss the employment-based non-immigrant statuses/ visas supported and/or sponsored by the A&M System and those handled by the Human Resources Immigration Services Office. These include the:

  • E-3 Specialty Occupation Workers from Australia
  • H1B for Specialty Occupation Workers (Any country)
  • H1B1 for Specialty Occupation Workers from Singapore or Chile
  • O-1 for Individuals of Extraordinary Ability
  • TN for Canadian and Mexican Professionals

Non-immigrant Visa Questionnaire

For more information on these visa categories, please contact the Immigration Services at or 979-862-1719.

International Students and Scholars 

Other visas that may authorize employment include:

  • F1 Students for On-Campus Employment, Curricular Practical Training, and Optional Practical Training
  • J1 Students for On-Campus Employment and Academic Training
  • J1 Scholars, Professors, and Researchers

For information on the employment of F1 and J1 students and scholars, please contact The Office of International Education, University Center, Room 226, P| 361.825.3346 or E|