Manager's Toolbox

The first step in sponsoring an employee for an immigration benefit is to familiarize yourself with the TX A&M Systems Regulations as they apply to hiring a Foreign National.  

Section 6 of the regulations refers to sponsoring a temporary nonimmigrant status (e.g., E3, H1B, O-1, and TNs). These visa types are typically valid for one to three years. Except for the H1B which has a six-year cap, the nonimmigrant statuses listed may be extended indefinitely. Managers should complete and submit (Authorization to Commence NIV Process) The Authorization form should be submitted to

Section 7 of the regulations refers to the Sponsorship for Lawful Permanent Resident Status (a green card). Generally, TAMUCC will sponsor the EB-1, Outstanding Researcher/Professor petition for eligible employees, and the second and third preference immigrant petitions, which require the filing of a Labor Certification under PERM or under Special Handling for University Teachers/Professors. Managers should complete and submit (Authorization to Commence LPR process). The authorization form should be submitted to

Please note that positions that are temporary in nature, such as postdoctoral researcher, postdoctoral scholar, assistant lecturer, a researcher with fixed-term appointments, appointments ending with funding, exchange visitors, temporary employees, and visiting faculty appointments may not be sponsored for Lawful Permanent Resident Status. Individual foreign national employees in these positions are not prevented and may pursue self-sponsored immigrant petitions provided a member is not named as a petitioning employer.

Immigration Services will review the job requirements and the foreign national’s eligibility to determine which immigration benefit will be sponsored and schedule the work according to caseload.

For more information please contact Immigration Services at or 979-862-1719.


The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and are not intended as legal advice. The Human Resources Department provides immigration administrative support to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, (the Petitioner or Employer) when it seeks to petition an employment-based petition for a faculty or staff member. We do not represent the employee. Employees are encouraged to consult with an immigration attorney of their choice, at their own expense, for advice on individual immigration matters.