College of Graduate Studies

Dr. Karen McCaleb
Dr. Karen McCaleb
Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151B
Phone: 361.825.3847

Services provided:
  • Administers and supports graduate programs
  • Collaborates with faculty and academic deans on all issues related to graduate education
  • Oversees all areas of graduate education including compliance, recruitment, retention, policy and procedures
  • Represents graduate education internally and externally

Dr. Marvarene Oliver
Dr. Marvarene Oliver
Professor and Associate Dean
Office: Faculty Center Rm 151C
Phone: 361.825.3216

Services provided:
  • Directs related graduate program activities and professional development initiatives
  • Oversees graduate catalog
  • Facilitates Graduate Council
  • Collaborates with other TAMUCC units to ensure a climate of engagement and success for graduate students

Sandra Kureska
Dr. Sandra Kureska
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151E
Phone: 361.825.2711

Services provided:
  • Oversees daily operations of the college
  • Serves as liaison to the Office of Admissions
  • Oversees graduate college process and policies
  • Serves as a liaison to graduate program coordinators and advisors for policy purposes

Leticia Bazan
Ms. Leticia Bazan
Office: Faculty Center, Rm 151D
Phone: 361.825.3302

Services provided:
  • Works with prospective and new students
  • Serves as liaison to the Recruitment Office/Enrollment Management
  • Coordinate social media presence; liaison with marketing and communications office
  • Coordinates recruitment efforts in conjunction with recruitment office

Amanda Bocanegra
Ms. Amanda Bocanegra
Audit & Compliance Coordinator
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151G
Phone: 361.825.2526

Services provided:
  • Performs all audit and compliance processes including degree plan audits, academic standing, degree plan exceptions
  • Processes all information related to doctoral students
  • Monitors and updates DegreeWorks and catalog
  • Maintains matriculated graduate student records

Ms. Shay lee
Ms. Shay Lee
Executive Administrative Assistant
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151A
Phone: 361.825.3884

Services provided
  • Assists Dean and Associate Dean with administrative duties
  • Organizes and maintains college data and records
  • Serves as the logistical liaison, with different units across campus, for all college events and activities

Karen Franzone
Ms. Karen Franzone
Business Coordinator
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151F
Phone: 361.825.2803

Services provided:
  • Oversee Graduate Assistantship process
  • Coordinate Graduate Scholarship process
  • Assist with budget development and management
  • Generate reports on accounts for the Dean

Sophia Zaner
Ms. Sophia Zaner
Outreach & Compliance Coordinator
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151H
Phone: 361.825.3675

Services provided:
  • Manage day-to-day GROW suite operations
  • Assists with the coordination of GROW and College of Graduate Studies events
  • Assists with GROW and College of Graduate Studies social media
  • Assists with student compliance processing

Timothy Boulan
Mr. Timothy Boulan
Technical Support
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 152
Phone: 361.825.3160

Services provided:
  • Maintains databases and equipment
  • Provides systems/application analyses, design, development and implementation of programming projects to meet strategic plan
  • Generates correspondence to graduate applicants/students regarding admission, enrollment and policy information
  • Generates reports to program faculty regarding admissions and student progress

Graduate Advisors

Maria Fonseca
Ms. Maria Fonseca
Academic Advisor
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 214
Phone: 361.825.2968

Services provided:
  • Graduate Academic Advisor
  • Advising for the College of Education and Human Development

Teri  Ruiz
Ms. Theresa Garcia-Ruiz
Academic Advisor
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 222
Phone: 361.825.4932

Services provided:
  • Graduate Academic Advisor
  • Advising for the College of Liberal Arts

Mr. Samuel Ramos
Mr. Samuel Ramos
Academic Advisor
Office: Center for Instruction, Rm. 365
Phone: 361.825.2654

Services provided:
  • Graduate Academic Advisor
  • Advising for the College of College of Science and Engineering

Connie Hauf
Ms. Conny Hauf
Academic Advisor
Office: Island Hall, Rm. 322
Phone: 361.825.2568

Services provided:
  • Graduate Academic Advisor
  • Advising for the College of Nursing Health Sciences

For College of Business advising please contact an academic success coordinator: Tiffany Currie 361 825-3357.

Graduate Admissions Contacts

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College of Graduate Studies
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Phone: 361.825.2174
Fax: 361.825.2755

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.