Department Chairs Council

Purpose or Function: The Department Chairs Council, with guidance from the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, engages in discussions regarding best practices for developing their programs/departments, leading/managing their faculty members, and exploring opportunities for training. The council also advises on appropriate college and university issues, coordinates planning and implementation of academic programs, and performs other functions as designated by the Provost.

Membership: The council is chaired by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and consists of the academic department chairs from the seven (7) academic colleges/schools as voting ex-officio members.  Others may be appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for limited terms as appropriate.

Chair: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsible University Official: Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Department Chairs Council Members
Name Unit Represented Term End
Clarenda Phillips Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair) N/A
Alexandra Theodossiou  Accounting, Finance, and Business Law N/A
Tim Klaus Decision Sciences and Economics N/A
Scott Sherman Marketing & Entrepreneurship N/A
Ivanete Blanco Art N/A
Michelle Maresh-Fuehrer Communication & Media N/A
Christopher Andrews English N/A
Peter Moore Humanities N/A
Chuck Etheridge Interdisciplinary Studies N/A
Mary Thornton Music N/A
Amy Houlihan Psychology & Sociology N/A
Wendi Pollock Social Sciences N/A
Alison Frost Theatre N/A
Joshua Watson Counseling & Educational Psychology N/A
Lynn Hemmer Educational Leadership N/A
Don Melrose Kinesiology N/A
Phyllis Robertson Curriculum & Instruction and Learning Sciences N/A
Jean Sparks Health Sciences N/A
Shuhong Luo Nursing Education N/A
Hadi Kooshiar Nursing Practice N/A
Chandra Sekharan Computer Science N/A
David Bridges Engineering N/A
James Silliman Life Sciences N/A
Alexey Sadovski Mathematics & Statistics N/A
Richard Coffin Physical & Environmental Science N/A

Last Updated: 01/19/2024