University Library Committee

Purpose or Function:  The mission of the University Library Committee is to provide input and guidance to the library on policy and strategic matters. The committee, as representative of the faculty, continually communicates, supports, and upholds the services of the library. The committee is part of the infrastructure supporting library operations, programs, services, and information resources. The committee strives to represent the different areas of the university community.

The committee is committed to maintaining an environment in which members have the ability to contribute to the mission of the committee. Members are committed to assisting the functioning of the university library and the needs of individual colleges and programs. The committee functions in a task-directed manner to facilitate productive meetings and make effective use of members’ time. Tasks include the following:

  • Provide strategic guidance and suggestions to university administration on library activities/functioning.
  • Provide guidance to the library administration in delivering its services to the shareholders in strategic/policy matters.
  • Monitor the allocation and utilization of library funds and resources to various programs and colleges.
  • Assist in evaluating the performance of the library in terms of the satisfaction of its stakeholders (i.e., students, faculty, staff, administration, and the community).
  • Communicate information necessary to build collections of specialized subject matter to satisfy the requirements of students and university and college accrediting bodies.
  • Achieve the goals for the current academic year set by the committee in the first meeting of the academic year.

Membership: The committee is chaired by the Dean of Libraries and consists of one representative from each college/school appointed by the respective dean/director for three-year staggered terms which are renewable.

Chair: The Dean of Libraries

Responsible University Official: Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

University Library Committee Members
Name Unit Represented Term End

Cate Rudowsky

Dean of Libraries (Chair)


Oliver Cruz-Milan

College of Business

May 31, 2025

Debra Plowman

College of Education and Human Development

May 31, 2026

Kelly Bezio

College of Liberal Arts

May 31, 2026

Qianqian Liu

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

May 31, 2025

Miguel Cid Montoya

College of Engineering and Computer Science

May 31, 2026

Lin Zhang

College of Science

May 31, 2025

Meredith Melville

School of Arts, Media, & Communication

May 31, 2026

Marvarene Oliver

College of Graduate Studies

May 31, 2026

Last Updated: 08/14/2023