Transportation Advisory Committee

Purpose or Function: The Transportation Advisory Committee will provide advice and assistance with matters related to traffic, pedestrian, and parking and provide input regarding parking locations, parking fees/fines, shuttle bus operations, and pedestrian and other modes of transportation on campus.

Membership: The committee is chaired by the Director of University Services and consists of one (1) representative each from Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Student Government Association, Environmental, Health & Safety, University Police Department, Islander Housing, and Events Services. The Associate Vice President for Operations serves as a voting ex-officio member.  Representatives are appointed by their unit supervisors unless otherwise noted.  Faculty and staff representatives serve two-year renewable terms; student representatives serve one-year renewable terms.

Chair: Director of University Services

Responsible University Official: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Transportation Advisory Committee Members
Name Unit Represented Term End

Neftali Rivera

Director of University Services (Chair)


Freddy Sustaita

Environmental, Health & Safety

May 31, 2024

Brenda Martinez

University Police Department

May 31, 2025

Janine Smith

Islander Housing

May 31, 2025

Carrie Coursey

Event Services

May 31, 2024

Michelle Hollenbaugh

Faculty Senate

May 31, 2024

Alexandra Janney

Staff Council

May 31, 2024

Makenzi Camanillo

Student Government Association

May 31, 2024

Scott Meares

Associate Vice President for Operations (ex-officio)


Last Updated: 02/09/2024