Facilities Use Committee

Purpose or Function: The Facilities Use Committee reviews procedures and rules regarding the use of university facilities and determine what revisions, clarifications, and/or additions are needed to ensure compliance with system policies and regulations and local, state, and federal laws.  The committee also ensures the most efficient and best use of university facilities in the advancement of the university’s mission.  The committee drafts new procedures as necessary and forwards them to the Academic and Administrative Compliance Office for review, routing, and approval.  The committee reviews university facilities rate charges annually for both internal and external use before forwarding to the Vice President for Finance & Administration for approval. The committee shall make recommendations on other facility issues, as appropriate, that may arise.

Membership: This committee will consist of one (1) standing representative from each of the following areas: Administrative Operations, Athletics, University Center and Student Activities, Performing Arts Center, Event Services, University Services, Recreational Sports, and Academic Affairs. Representatives are appointed by their area supervisors and should have responsibilities connected to organizing campus events in their respective area.

Chair: The Administrative Operations representative will serve as chair of this committee.

Responsible University OfficialVice President for Finance & Administration

Facilities Use Committee Members
Name Unit Represented Term End

Minerva Alaffa

Administrative Operations (Chair)


Chris Turner



Rick Reyes

University Center and Student Activities


Jim Moore

Performing Arts Center


Carrie Coursey

Event Services


Neftali Rivera

University Services


Kevin Martin

Recreational Sports


Christie Roberts

Academic Affairs


Last Updated: 11/17/2023