Clery Act Compliance Committee

Purpose or Function: The Clery Act is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to keep and disclose information about crime on and near their campuses and to provide policy statements regarding safety and security measures, campus crime prevention programs, and procedures to be followed in the investigation of alleged sex offenses. The Clery Act Compliance Committee (CACC) is working group of university stakeholders with a goal to enhance campus safety by (1) providing comprehensive oversight, review, revision recommendations, and monitoring implementation of all procedures and processes related to the Clery Act; (2) facilitating cross-campus cooperation on university efforts to comply with the Clery Act; and (3) providing and/or promoting education related to campus safety and crime prevention. The committee shall meet a minimum of three (3) times each year.

The functions of the CACC include (1) review and/or establish appropriate protocols to promote compliance with the Clery Act; (2) identify Campus Security Authorities; (3) act as a network of university stakeholders to facilitate cooperation and communication across the campus relating to Clery Act compliance; (4) act as a network to disseminate information relating to changes to the Clery Act; and (5) provide input for the campus Annual Security Report required under the Clery Act.

Membership: The Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer serves as chair of this committee. The membership consists of the following voting ex-officio members: Clery Act Compliance Officer, Dean of Students, Assistant Vice President for Student Life, Islander Housing Director, Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Athletic Director for Internal Operations, Environmental, Health & Safety Director, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation, Chief of Police, Vice President for Finance & Administration, and Academic and Administrative Compliance Manager. Members may appoint designees to serve in their place.

Chair: Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Responsible University Official: Clery Act Compliance Officer

Clery Act Compliance Committee Members
Name Unit Represented Term End

John LaRue

Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer (Chair)


Melissa Perkins

Clery Act Compliance Officer


Lisa Perez

Dean of Students


Levi Esses

Assistant Vice President for Student Life


John Lauer

Islander Housing Director


Rosie Ruiz

Interim Title IX Coordinator


Eric Schultz

Deputy Athletic Director for Internal Operations


Freddy Sustaita

Environmental Health & Safety Director


Joe Miller

Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation (designee)


Alan Gutierrez

Chief of Police


Charles Ingram

Vice President for Finance & Administration (interim)


Kevin Houlihan

Academic and Administrative Compliance Manager


Last Updated: 04/09/2024