Finish In 4 Pledge

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TAMU-CC is committed to your success. 

Did you know that nationally an average student takes five to six years to complete a four-year degree? At Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, you’ll be anything but average. We are leading the charge to help students graduate on time with our Finish In 4 Initiative. 

Finish in 4 is a pledge between students and TAMU-CC to do what it takes to earn your degree in four years and a pledge by TAMU-CC to provide you with the resources needed to accomplish that goal.  

Important Things to Note Regarding the Finish In 4 Pledge: 

  • We understand that it might not be possible to take 15 credits every semester. The primary goal to stay on track to graduate in four years is to complete 30 credits per academic year.
  • Not every academic program can be completed within four years. However, we do not discourage students from signing up for the Finish In 4 Pledge. We do encourage students to participate in completing their degrees as early as possible. Students meeting all requirements in the agreement are eligible for incentive participation. 

Sign the pledge today to be entered into our Finish In 4 Rewards and Resources Program!