Tracking Shipments

Central Receiving uses SCLIntra™ barcode tracking software, mobile computing hardware and package shipping software to monitor and control the flow of inbound, outbound and internal tangible objects — packages / parcels, property, as they enter, exit and move through the University.  Central Receiving uses a hand-held data collection device to capture signature when packages are delivered and allows them to track (and ship) any object, and monitor distribution, anywhere within the University.

When trying to track a shipment addressed to the university, call the vendor and request the tracking number or proof of delivery.  This number can track the status of a package, its location, when delivered and who signed for it.


Incoming Shipments

Determine how item(s) was purchased:

  • If purchased with a “P” prefix, contact your buyer. Procurement Department is responsible for initiating and monitoring purchase order.
  • If purchased with an “L” prefix or Procurement Card (P-Card), the department is responsible for initiating the return.
  • Try to obtain Proof of Delivery (POD) or tracking number
  • This can be provided by vendor and can be tracked on carrier's website.
  • Fax or e-mail POD information to Central Receiving.