FIR/AIR Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FIR/AIR's weekly requirement to reside on campus? 

The FIR/AIR is required to stay at least 3 nights during the school week (Sunday – Thursday). 

What is the FIR/AIR program term commitment? 

The FIR program term commitment is 9 months (August – May).  AIR appointments rotate on a one-semester schedule with an option to stay through a second semester.

How is FIR/AIR student programming determined?  

The FIR/AIR will select activities and programming to engage students. Topics of programming may include study skills, entertainment, self-care, outdoor activities, life skills, school events, off-campus events, etc. FIR/AIRs are required to schedule student programming at least twice a month. 

Can the FIR/AIR live on-campus with a spouse/partner? 

Yes. The FIR/AIR will have full access to a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment. 

Can the FIR/AIR live on-campus with a child?

Yes. The FIR/AIR will have full access to a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment.

Are pets allowed to live in on-campus housing?

Per housing policy, only one pet is allowed per residence. Breed and weight restrictions apply. Please contact Islander Housing at 825-3135 for more details about the pet policy. 

Do FIR/AIR benefits include parking? 

The FIR/AIR will receive a student residential pass for parking in the apartment lots. General surface parking or garage parking passes must be purchased by the FIR/AIR. 

Who can apply? 

For the FIR position, faculty who are full-time (including tenured, tenure-track, and/or clinical/professional faculty) and have 2 years (4 long semesters) of teaching experience at TAMU-CC are eligible to apply for the FIR program. For the AIR program, candidates must be administrators, which includes President's Cabinet members, Dean's Council members, Assistant and Associate Vice Presidents, and equivalents. 

When does the FIR/AIR move in?  

FIR/AIRs move in the same day as students do, which is the week before the fall semester begins. 

Does the FIR/AIR pay on-campus housing utilities?

No. Utilities are all included in the housing package.

Does the FIR/AIR receive a meal plan? 

The FIR/AIR will be given a Campus Dining meal plan (30 meals) or $200 in Dining Dollars per semester. 

Does the FIR receive workload credit? 

FIRs will receive one (1) 3-semester credit hour course reassignment per long semester (with dean and  chair approval)  

Does the FIR/AIR have access to workout facilities? 

Yes. The FIR/AIR will have access and a parking spot to the Momentum Village gym.  

Where can I find more information? 

Please contact the Center for Faculty Excellence at 361-825-2230.