The National Science Foundation Centers for Research Excellence in Science and Technology (NSF CREST) has awarded the Center for Geospatial and Environmental Informatics, Modeling and Simulation (GEIMS) to Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. The CREST-GEIMS Center supports research to improve coastal resiliency through three subprojects: Geospatial Informatics, Environmental Informatics and Coastal Community Resilience and Public Health. The Center recruits, mentors, and supports underrepresented minority students as they pursue graduate degrees focusing on coastal resilience. The Center also engages the community by providing STEM outreach opportunities.

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Geospatial Informatics

Subproject 1
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Environmental Informatics

Subproject 2
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Community Resilience and Public Health

Subproject 3
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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff quick links and information
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Coastal Resilience Seminar Series

Seminar series focused on Coastal Resiliency held on an ongoing basis featuring local and national university and community speakers.
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Fellows and Students

The NSF CREST-GEIMS Fellowship supports Ph.D candidates pursuing doctoral degrees in Geospatial Computer Science or Coastal and Marine Systems Science at TAMU-CC. Graduate and Undergraduate student are also involved in the NSF CREST-GEIMS mission as Research Assistants.
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STEM outreach programs for grades K - 12 and the community
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Advisory Board and Collaborators

University Professors and Industry Professionals supporting the NSF CREST-GEIMS Mission
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Papers and Presentations

Listing of works created by NSF CREST-GEIMS faculty
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The CREST Center for Geospatial and Environmental Informatics, Modeling and Simulation is supported by the National Science Foundation Division of Human Resource Development, Award No. 2112631.