The COECS Business Etiquette Dinner

The College of Engineering and Computer Science (COECS) held its first Business Etiquette Dinner on Tuesday, Feb. 20. The dinner took place in the Lonestar Ballroom at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and 63 Islanders participated. The event was organized by the Career and Professional Development Center and hosted by its executive director, Dr. Leslie Mills. This experience prepared students for professional interviews in a fine dining setting. Additionally, attendees enjoyed their meals and conversed with those at their tables, as these interviews are less about the dinner itself and more focused on the interviewee’s social skills and professionalism. Several companies were present at the event to network with including Kiewit, Hanson, CCAD, City of Corpus Christi Public Works, and The U.S. Coast Guard.  

“It is important to remember that employers are focused on your professionalism during these dinners,” Mills said. “So, follow the lead of the host and pay attention to what the individuals at your table do. That will give you some direction on what actions are appropriate.”  

The Business Etiquette Dinner highlighted etiquette expectations such as the specific utensils and their order of use, suitable food and drink orders, proper body posture and actions, the suggested pace to eat at, and several others. These expectations work to increase one’s confidence in their ability to interview over dinner.  

 “Besides the intricate order of cutlery, I learned a lot from [Mills] about internships and what to expect,” said Breanna Sifuentes 24, a civil engineering major. “Dr. Mills taught us what we should know when it comes to an internship, like the importance of our soft skills along with hard skills.”

Photos from the COECS Business Etiquette Dinner

Slideshow of the Business Etiquette Dinner