The ASCE Region 6 Student Symposium 

Ten members of the Islander Civil Engineers (ICE) student organization from Texas A&M-University-Corpus Christi, participated in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Region 6 Student Symposium. The annual event was held April 10-13 at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas and brought together 500 students from New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma as well as Mexico. At the symposium, civil engineering students participated in various competitions, networked with industry professionals, and attended workshops, keynote speeches, career fairs, and social events.   

On competition day, the symposium featured concrete canoe races, steel bridge construction, and environmental design projects. All ICE attendees competed in the Sandcastle Build Competition where each team created a sandcastle design in a building area that was 4 feet by 4 feet. Team members used shovels and buckets to create sculptures solely out of sand and water, except for small beach-found decorations. Participating in these competitions not only allowed students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world challenges, but also emphasized teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills.    

Anya Carlson ’26, a civil engineering major and President of ICE, recalls the team’s determination during the competition.    

“We staked out our area early, adjusted our sand-to-water ratios, and carefully crafted our design,” Carlson said. “Every member played a crucial role, from mixing materials to shaping the structure. It was a true testament of our teamwork and adaptability."   

TAMU-CC was announced as the winner of the Sandcastle Building competition at an awards banquet on the last day of the symposium. Carlson accepted the certificate on behalf of her team and reflected on the deserved win.    

“It was a moment of triumph – not just for us, but for our program as a whole,” Carlson said. “To be recognized among experienced competitors was validation of our hard work and dedication. As a leader, I learned the importance of retaining a cohesive team that prioritizes communication, collaboration, and mutual respect.”   

Overall, ICE’s experience at the ASCE Student Symposium was greatly informative. The Islanders showcased their talents, learned from their peers and industry experts, and prepared themselves for success as civil engineers. With plans to expand their participation in future competitions and pursue official ASCE chapter status, the future of ICE is bright. 

The ASCE Region 6 Student Symposium 

Slideshow of the participants of the ASCE Region 6 Student Symposium